QOTD: Does IPTV Do It For You?

IPTV. It's like they took your DVR and recorded everything in the world you may ever have had a hint of curiosity about watching, and make it available over the internet. At least, that's what it aspires to be. But with a few different providers actually starting to offer us Australians IPTV services worth watching, the question needs to be asked: Do you care?

The ABC led the way with iView, but BigPond has been offering TV and movies for years now, and Apple's been pushing TV through iTunes for a while as well. But With TiVo launching Caspa late last year and Sony's Bravia Internet Video launching today, this space is really starting to get interesting. Personally, I'm a huge fan - even though it's in the early stages, the ability to watch shows whenever I want - even if I have to pay for it - on my big screen TV is a huge selling point.

But what about you? Does IPTV Do It For You?(surveys)

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