"Proof" Of Apple iPad Webcam Is Dubious

While I'm the first person who wants a webcam on the Apple iPad, this is just ridiculous: A Kansas-based repair website is claiming that they just got the iPad's frame part, which shows a hole for the camera. Really?

The question here is: How some obscure repair shop got parts for the Apple iPad when nobody has the Apple iPad itself? The fact is that, while some China part wholesalers start offering parts before the product becomes available, it's highly unlikely that this is the case here.

The iPad has been kept under extreme secret until now. The production just started ramping up now to avoid any kind of leaks, which is the cause of the 60- and 90-day availability timeframe. For that reason alone, I doubt that anyone will have access to any repair part at this time, much less to ship them to a random repair site in Kansas only a few days after the JesusTablet was revealed.

That is, unless some Foxconn employee risked his life to smuggle a whole 11-inch frame out of the factory. Up his butt.

We will see what happens when the usual suspects get the iPad for dissection. [Mission Repair]

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