PLUG Hearing Aid Concept Stretches Your Earlobes For Better Sound

Occasionally I cover my ears and sing "Lalalala, I'm not listening to your concept description." Today I'm covering them and begging "No! Don't punch holes into my poor earlobes and make me use this hearing aid when I'm old! Please!"

I understand that it's a gradual process to stretch out one's earlobes and wear jewellery that looks like the PLUG hearing aid concept - heck, it's even trendy to some - but that doesn't mean that I could imagine a lot of people actually using this hearing aid if it ever turns into a real product. [Design Affairs]


    As someone that's spent a long time with 3/4" stretched lobes I feel pretty comfortable saying that this is a terrible idea.

    Nevermind that the timeframe from identifying the need for a hearing aid and using this product will be at least a calendar year (at the very minimum), very few people wear plugs through all of their waking hours as a matter of simple comfort. It's good to let the pressure off your tissue and take plugs out on a regular basis or discomfort and irritated tissue sets in for most people.

    On top of that, these all look to be metallic surfaces - anyone with stretched lobes can tell you that wearing metals on a regular basis will result in vile, nasty skin that stinks and is just plain foul.

    Nice image, silly product.

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