Pentax's X90 Has An Optical Power Zoom Of 26x

If you haven't got nearly enough of the cameras coming out of the PMA show this week, you couldn't go wrong with the 26x optical zoomer X90 from Pentax, which takes last year's X70 and ups the zoom-factor.

It's still got a 12.1-megapixel sensor, but going back to that zoom lens it now spans a 26mm wide angle to 676mm super telephoto. The LCD measures 2.7-inches and it shoots HD video (no word on specifics, yet) and has face detection, triple shake reduction, anti-shake, an electronic viewfinder, Eye-Fi compatibility and a HDMI interface with USB 2.0 port. Battery life has also been improved by 50 per cent over the X70. You'd be pretty steaming if you splashed the cash on last year's model, though as the date of release hasn't been mentioned by Pentax just yet, it could still be some way off.

CrunchGear's found the pre-order page on Amazon, which puts it at $US399.95, which seems like a very fair price to me. [Pentax via CrunchGear]

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