Parrot Mki9200 Bluetooth CarKit Is iPhone Accredited, Whatever That Means

With the combination of road laws that make talking on your mobile illegal while driving, plus the fact that most cars don't have a truly intuitive way of getting your music from your iPod to your car stereo, the Parrot Mki9200 looks like a pretty good device. Apparently it's also iPhone accredited, although that doesn't explain why they have product shots with a Nokia...

The Mki9200 comes in five main parts that need to be professionally installed - an amplifier, an external microphone, a colour display, an iPod/USB line in cable and a wireless remote control, the handsfree kit will let you make phone calls handsfree, as well as play back music through your car's stereo system.

It'll cost $479, plus installation, so it's a pretty pricey option, although it does seem to be a pretty complete solution, including voice recognition for contact dialling.


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