Panasonic's First 3DTV (Viera TH-P54VT) Is $US5900

At CES, we determined that if you insist on buying a 3DTV this year, Panasonic should be on the very short list. Now, the company has priced a 3DTV for the first time - $US5900 when converted from yen.

Though Panasonic announced that they'd be selling 3D plasmas in the US starting this year, they'd never spoken of price until a recent press conference in Japan where they stated that their 54-inch, 3D-capable Viera TH-P54VT will run the equivalent of $US5900.

That's a lot of money. However, the TH-P54VT won't be the cheapest model available from Panasonic this year, as Panasonic promised 3D models as small as 50 inches.

CrunchGear notes that Panasonic seems to be pricing 3D as an $US800 upsell over their premium 2D plasmas, though from piecing together prices, even that estimate may have been a bit conservative. And in truth, there's no way 99 per cent of the population will drop $US5000 on any TV when you can finally score a decent quality, 46-inch LCD or plasma for under a grand. [Panasonic via CrunchGear]

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