Optus Launches Business App Store For Non iPhone Phones

Optus Launches Business App Store For Non iPhone Phones

 title=For Optus business customers who don’t already enjoy apps through their smartphone of choice’s app store, the Telco has today launched an app store of their own.

All the apps are business focussed, from security, expense trackers and budgeting software to travel and productivity applications. You can access the app store either through Optus’ web portal or through their MyZoo portal on your handset.

The phone’s serviced by the new store tend to lean on the dumbphone side of things, but there’s support for Blackberry, Android (HTC Dream, in particular) and N series Nokias as well.

Pricing is as varied as the apps available. There are reportedly hundreds of apps available at launch.

The biggest question is whether or not businesses will actually use this service. Considering that apps are most suited to smartphones, and all the smartphone platforms have their own app stores, why would they need to use this one from Optus?

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