OLED TVs Are Dead: Sony Stops Selling OLED In Japan

Whatever happens in Japan is usually replicated across the world a few years later, so while LG, Mitsubishi and co are busy readying OLED TVs, Sony's pulling out of OLED production in Japan.

They'll still continue selling OLED TVs internationally, but won't pursue the Japanese market anymore, due to slow sales. Their XEL-1 was the first to hit the market, just two years ago, and sells for 200,000 yen ($2486) in Japan - all 11 inches of it. No wonder they didn't catch on.

If you were considering a super-slim, super-expensive set this year, then LG's expected to release a 15-inch model in the States this year - though with the death knell being sounded proceed at your own caution. [Reuters]

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