Now Taking Your Dog For A Walk Helps You Save On Torch Batteries

There was a power outage earlier and I sat in the dark. Not because I don't have torches, but because I couldn't find the right batteries. Oh, if only I had a dog and one of Fido Fashion's power-generating leashes.

Fido Fashion really thought this leash through. There's a little compartment for poop bags on the device. But the key feature is that power is generated as your pup runs off forcing the leash to coil and uncoil. All that energy is then used to light up a built in LED. Should be great for early or late walks in the dark or mornings when you're sitting in the dark.

There aren't any details on pricing yet, but the leash should be out later this year. [Fido Fashions via Coolest Gadgets via Wired]

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