Notion Ink Adam Tablet: Flash, 1080p, 2x iPad Battery Life

Flash, a longer battery life, outputting video at 1080p, a $US1 million app competition - these are just some of the ways Notion Ink is hoping its Android-powered Adam tablet will be able to win customers over.

The tablet has gone through several different guises since renders were unveiled in December. From the slick silver-edged device, to the roll-topped plastic prototype at CES, the latest renders suggest the final design will be more in keeping with that cheaper-looking prototype, although much slimmer. They're reportedly considering launching two different models, with the key difference being how thin they are - either 12.9mm or 11.6mm, which suggests different displays being used.

Pitting it against the iPad, CEO Rohan Shravan told SlashGear that due to the Nvidia chip and Pixel Qi screen, the Adam will have a battery life at least two times longer. Plus, it'll be able to output 1080p video whereas Apple's tablet can only manage up to 576p, AND they're exploring the use of Flash, which will apparently be shown off next wee

Recognising that despite offering more spec than the iPad they still have a battle on their hands, they're encouraging development for the Adam with a $US1 million bounty being put up for creating apps. They haven't officially announced the competition yet, but as soon as we hear we'll let you know how you can put your creative genius to work. [SlashGear]

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