Notepod+ Is The Only Pad iNeed

Developers' block: It's a serious thing! It's not easy to churn out app after app, somehow tricking the masses into giving you money again and again. Maybe - maybe - the Notepod+ can help.

Never mind that the iPad SDK includes a full-featured emulator, which would let you test your apps live and in motion, the Notepad+, which stretches the original Notepod's concept to the full 189mm x 243mm necessary to simulate an iPad, is always there, even when your Mac Pro development machine isn't. It doesn't have an SDK, but it's got plenty of white space, OK?

Got an idea for a new UI concept? Scribble it down! A splash screen? Sketch it up! A clever concept for a plainly derivative novelty product, which costs practically nothing to print but costs $US20 anyway? Draw. It. Out. [TUAW via TheAwesomer via Geekygadgets]

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