NASA Launches New Moonage Daydream Space Shuttle

Perhaps fearing more budget cuts by Obama, NASA has launched their new experimental Moonage Daydream space shuttle without warning. It will complete a two-week mission inspired by David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust period. NASA will also launch a new Mars rover:

Called the Leper Messiah, NASA's new rovers will carry a new instrument to measure sunlight on Mars' surface, to check if it's "enough to snow white tan", the Onion's Science and Technology reports.

NASA's Moonage Daydream will study "paranoia, decadence, and the fluidity of sexual identity in a zero-gravity environment". No word on astroturf smoking effects. I can't wait for the five-member crew to report their discoveries. Godspeed Maj. Tom Louis, Maj. Tom Greely, Maj. Tom Ohweiler, Maj. Thomas Sinclair and Maj. Tom Keenan! [The Onion]

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