MyTVR Adds Blackberry Support

When we told you about the online DVR service MyTVR back in December, it was strictly a PC/Mac/iPhone/Symbian/iPod Touch affair. Well, since then they've added Android support, and this week added the ability to watch recorded TV on your BlackBerry Bold.

It's still only Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas who can enjoy the service, but considering this upgrade will let you watch DVR'd TV anywhere you get a 3G or wi-fi connection, it's a pretty sweet offering. Except for the potential mobile data charges, but that's another issue altogether.


Comments I'm in Perth, bit it just let me sign up by keying in a random melbourne metro residential address.

    considering here in WA we often deal with delayed telecasts of sport (eg AFL), and myTVR offers a live view, essentially I can get the live Victorian broadcast for $8/month. brilliant!

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