MSI Air Keyboard Mouse Like A QWERTY Crossed With A Wiimote

The upcoming MSI Air Keyboard is a HTPC keyboard/mouse combo that fits right in your hands much like a game controller.

Because aside from the typical QWERTY layout, the back is ergonomic for dual-handed use, and it even includes LB and RB shoulder triggers. And much like the Wiimote, the Air doubles as a mouse through the use of an internal accelerometer, allowing you to aim the device to control an onscreen cursor, effectively eliminating that whole where-does-the-mouse-go-on-the-couch problem.

Through a USB dongle, the MSI Air (which is technically a rebranding of an existing product by Cideko), can connect to PCs and Macs up to an impressive 50 metres. It's available overseas now for the equivalent of $US110 bucks. [ElectricPig via EverythingUSB]

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