Motorola MOTOSPLIT Splits This Way, Splits That Way

Motorola claims they're coming out with a couple of dozen Android phones in 2010, and with a crop so big a few of them are bound to be pretty weird. This render suggests that the MOTOSPLIT will be one of those.

Like the Samsung Alias 2 before it, the MOTOSPLIT shown here sports a keyboard that has tiny touchscreens for keys, though this one has the unique ability to slide out in landscape or portrait orientation. Depending on the way its being held, or maybe the application its running, the mini screens update on the fly. Neat!

Not so neat is the part of the report that claims its specs will be more or less the same as the Backflip's, which essentially banishes it to Motorola's junior varsity smartphone squad.

Still, Android Community's rumours are just that, and it's possible that come the season - Motorola expects the phone to be ready for Q3 - MOTOSPLIT will be powerful and versatile. [Android Community via Slash Gear]

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