More People Interested In Buying iPad Than The iPhone

That's what this RBC/ChangeWave's surveys says. Back in April 2007, fewer people were interested in buying the original iPhone compared to those wanting to buy the iPad on February 2010. Does this mean the iPad would be a bigger success?

Not necessarily. It may mean that, but we don't really know for sure. First, back then the iPhone was completely unknown. A new, unproven product, with no user base whatsoever. Today, the iPhone and iPod are well known, so one could even argue that - given their massive popularity - a higher percentage of people would be interested in buying the iPad today. In other words, let's wait until Apple actually makes the iPad available on their site.

There are other interesting data points. One is the version people are most interested in: The lowest end and the highest end win, with 19 per cent each. With the 64GB Wi-Fi getting only 8 per cent and the 16GB Wi-Fi and 3G version getting 9 per cent of the interest.

Another interesting one: 68 per cent of the people interested in it want to surf the internet, 44 per cent for email, 37 per cent for ebooks, 28 per cent for the reading magazines and other periodicals, and only 24 per cent for watching video. [Digital Daily]

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