Mobile Foxtel Comes To Telstra iPhone Customers

Telstra iPhone customers who have been hanging out for the ability to stream Foxtel to their Apple handset, there's now an app for that. The Mobile Foxtel app from Telstra is a free download which lets you subscribe to over 30 channels of pay TV content on your phone.

The actual watching Foxtel is unmetered for NextG customers, with day passes costing $4 and monthly subscription passes starting at $12. As an added bonus, if you subscribe before March 1, you'll also get access to Foxtel's Winter Olympics channels for free.

It's a shame that this will only work for Telstra customers. If it was open to any network, but metered, it might even give customers from Optus, Voda and Three an incentive to move to NextG after their monthly data allowance was blown out after an episode of Family Guy.

[Mobile Foxtel App (iTunes)]

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