MIT Flyfire Robot Swarm Concept Could Create 3D LED Displays In The Sky

A gaggle of MIT inventors are presently working to create a swarm of micro LED-equipped heli-robots that would hover autonomously in the sky and create massive works of floating 3D artwork. The coming apocalypse, it just got prettier!

The program, called Flyfire, would sync up hundreds (and thousands?) of tiny helicopter robots to create, say, that mysterious Mona Lisa smile in the dark night air. Like in this concept video:

Then, the little guys would descend on our villages like medieval locusts and consume us for the organic, energy food that we are.

Luckily for humanity, MIT could only manage to get a few Flyfire robots aloft at any one time. Only in simulations are they able to produce works of art, like the Mona Lisa, that would require thousands of these little buggers. Eventually, they hope to scale up. Can't wait! [MIT, MIT Press Release]

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