Microsoft Offering Seven Months Free Rent In Student Promotion

When I was in Uni, there were days I was so poor I couldn't afford to eat anything more than a $2 bowl of boiled rice. I guess that's why Microsoft is targeting Uni and TAFE students with their latest Windows 7 promotion to win seven months free rent in a share house for you and your friends.

If living rent-free for most of the year isn't enough, they're also going to furnish the house with Microsoft goodness, like Dell laptops running Windows 7, HTC Winmo phones, and Xbox consoles and game packs.

And how do you enter this competition? Well, if you're a student at Uni or TAFE, you simply sell your soul by promoting Windows 7 in as many innovative ways to as many people as you possibly can. Sounds like a small price to pay to me.

More info on the Facebook page, linked below.

[Microsoft Win A Share House - Thanks Alan!]

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