Man Dumped Over Sexts Pre-Loaded In His Phone

A Winnipeg man has been dumped by his girlfriend of two-and-a-half years, after she found his phone riddled with sext messages. Only problem? He didn't write any of them. Virgin Mobile did.

Apparently the cheeky monkeys over at Virgin Mobile had pre-loaded a number of suggestive text messages into at least one Samsung model, ranging from the relatively innocuous "Be there soon" to the crystal clear "Booty call." When the wrongly accused man's girlfriend found them, she naturally assumed she was a cuckholded Canuck.

The dumpee, identified only as "Darren P", called Virgin Mobile to complain and was told to put it in writing. So it sounds like if any action is going to be taken, it'll be a while.

It's not clear yet if he's reconciled with his ex after these revelations came to light. But even if she comes crawling back, make sure to think it over, Darren P. She was looking through your phone! She thought you actually used the phrase "booty call" to make a booty call! Surely there are other fish in the frozen tundra of Winnipeg. [Metro UK via The DW]

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