Ma'am, Your IKEA Graphene Glow Wall Is Ready For Pick-Up

It appears to be graphene day. First, IBM was using the material to shame silicon into submission, and now Swedish scientists say graphene could one day make lamps and other traditional lighting elements unnecessary.

If the Swedes are right, then future homes and buildings could be adorned with graphene panels, called light emitting electromechanical cells (LECs, for short).

The LEC panels can be fashioned so they cover an entire ceiling, wall, or whatever, and they're completely adjustable. Dim your walls and ceiling for a romantic evening with the female characters of Mass Effect 2, for example.

The article notes that OLED panels have seen similar implementations, but the graphene scientists say their material is both cheaper to produce and better for the environment (OLED panels contain indium tin oxide, which is difficult to recycle). [Science Daily via Treehugger via DVICE]

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