Logitech App Turns iPhones Into A Trackpad And Keyboard, For Free

Fair enough, most Logitech products fall into the "so boring I fell asleep at first glance" category, but this PC/Mac-controlling iPhone app sounds simple to use - and is free.

You'll have to download the app to your iPhone or iPod Touch, as well as the Touch Mouse Server software on your computer. The app uses Wi-Fi to turn the device into a wireless trackpad and keyboard, for those times when you're lying in bed and wanting to pause a film or search for something. The app will display the text on the screen so you don't have to strain your eyes at the computer screen, and supports two finger scrolling, landscape/portrait virtual trackpads and keyboards and the choice of either two or three mouse buttons.

It's not revolutionary, with similar apps already available, but Logitech's made quite a name for itself in the easy-to-use, safe product market, so it's definitely worth trying out if the thought of getting out of bed really doesn't interest you on this particular day. [Logitech]

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