Limited Edition Pentax K-7 Camera Forgets Silver Isn't A Rare Colour

I'd be more excited if this special limited edition colour was a never-seen-before colour, but alas Pentax thinks the camera world can still get excited about silver. Or maybe silver is rare in Japan, where this model is launching?

The K-7 has been around since last summer, but only 1000 of these limited edition model exist. If the new silver colour, a reinforced LCD screen and new firmware and image processing software is making your fingers itch at the thought of flying out to Japan to scoop one up, it's on sale March 13th for the equivalent of $US1420.

Apart from those minor changes, it's still the same old 14.6-megapixel, 720p-shooting camera which can be picked up for as low as $US1000 on Amazon. [CrunchGear

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