LG's 3D TV, Blu-ray Launch Details Leaked In Google Doc Blunder

We've seen more exciting leaked roadmaps, but it's rather comical that LG's leak came about by accidentally sharing a Google Document. A 3D TV, 3D Blu-ray player and TV webcam for 720p Skype chat are all due to launch soon.

That 3D TV is actually just a different version of the LH9500 series, named the LX9500, and will be available mid-May. After learning that, it'll certainly make the TVs announced at CES that are due in March-April a lot less attractive. The BD580 3D Blu-ray player will be on sale in the middle of April, just a few weeks earlier in May the webcam peripheral allowing for 720p Skype chatting on your TV will become available too.

Meanwhile, the LEX8 and LEX9 LED-backlit TVs that measure just 0.27 inches in depth will be on sale in June, with models ranging from 47-72 inches. [CNET via Electronista via CrunchGear]

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