Leica M7 Hermès Camera Gets Fondled In Unboxing

Leica M7 Hermès Camera Gets Fondled In Unboxing

The limited edition Hermès-designed M7 camera from Leica has been taken out of its silk-lined box by The Purse Blog, and while they don’t go into actual review mode, the unboxing pics are more than enough for me to leer at.

Vlad from The Purse Blog only comments on a few specifics of the M7, writing that it is:

“covered in supple “Swift” calfskin which is, of course, hand-wrapped after a time-consuming tanning process that gives it a fantastic luxurious feel”

It's also sporting a new silver chrome 35mm f/1.4 Summilux-M lens, which is the first model Leica's used it on.

Will Vlad take it on a hunting trip or safari jaunt, like our own Mr Nosowitz suggested when the camera was first announced? Will he hell. He claims "this is an investment piece than will never see a roll of film". The $US12,950 camera will be tucked in a cabinet for life, which is probably just as well considering the price. [The Purse Blog - thanks Laura!]