Leaked Nexus One Firmware Upgrade Could Fix Spotty 3G Reception

Remember the Google Nexus One's "sorely needed" 3G reception fix? Remember how Google promised a quick fix? Yes? Well, happy days! A solution has tentatively arrived in the form of a leaked firmware upgrade.

But don't get *too* excited just yet, dear readers. While the firmware update does appear to address the Nexus One radio issue that plagued some users since they picked up their shiny new Google kit, it doesn't appear to be what will finally be pushed out to the mainstream.

As Engadget correctly notes, there are a number of telltale signs that this fix should arrive soon, but it's not quite ready just yet. Notably, the ROM includes Google Maps 3.4, not the most up-to-date 4.0 version that Google released for Buzz. It's half-baked, in other words, but at least it proves Google is nearly ready to attend to its customers' reception woes. Probably.

The folks at XDA apparently have this build available for download, should you be the DIY tinkering type. [XDA Forums via Engadget]

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