Kindle Touch Incoming: Amazon Buys A Little Touchscreen Company

Ker-BOOM. That's the thundering explosion of Amazon purchasing Touchco, a little company that makes incredibly cheap, infinitely multitouchable displays, and merging it into their Kindle division. Kindle Touch. It actually sounds kind of nice.

Touchco's touchscreen tech is designed to cheap - under $US10 a square foot - using a resistive display tech called interpolating force-sensitive resistance. What makes it more special is that unlike most resistive touchscreens, it's pressure sensitive, and can detect an infinite number of simultaneous touches. Plus, it's totally transparent (old school resistive touchscreen layers dim brightness and dull colours) and designed to work with full colour LCD screens. The kind of gorgeous screen that's perfect for magazines, textbooks, interactive content. Like another little reader that was announced last week. A full colour Kindle Touch. Just think about it.

Like we've been saying: The Great Publishing War is just getting started. [NYT]

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