iPad Video Rendering Flash Perfectly Reappears On Apple Site

I'm sure someone at Apple has scars on their hands from the major wrist-slapping that's occurred over their video cock-up of the iPad running Flash - but how could they make the same mistake again?

When Apple announced the iPad, you may remember some of their promotional videos showed the tablet running Flash on the NY Times website. They quickly rectified the problem - which was never explained fully, so we still don't know if they were filming a prototype that did actually have Flash, or if they deliberately added it in to stir hype - but according to a MacRumors reader, the video showing Flash has returned. The original video caused the FTC to receive complaints about the false advertising, which isn't the first time they've been hit with that criticism.

Watching the video now, it's reverted back to the non-Flash enabled version, which just shows broken plug-in icons on the NY Times site. I wouldn't suggest reading anything into this video, but it's pretty surprising they could somehow accidentally switch the videos around again. What's going on, Apple? And how can I get my eight minutes back, spent re-watching that bloody promo video again? [Macrumors]

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