Intel Looking To Stuff DDR3 Support Into Two New Atom Processors

Intel's Atom line of processors, used extensively in netbooks, have never been particularly powerful. They're like the adorable kid sister of the Intel family. Today, though, reports indicate that they may be getting some grown-up DDR3 support this fall.

Fudzilla is reporting that the Atom N475 will clock in at 1.83GHz with DDR3 support, while the only difference between the current 1.6GHz N450 and its N455 successor is that the latter will be DDR3 capable.

What does this mean for netbooks? Well, think of it as more evolutionary than revolutionary. DDR3 is faster and uses less power than DDR2, but also more expensive. Ideally, by the time and N475 or N455-powered netbooks hit the market, though, DDR3 prices will have come down enough that you'll get better netbook performance for what you're paying now. [Fudzilla via Engadget]

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