Infinitec Unlimited Storage Streaming Flash Drive

I don't know how to best sum up Infinitec's new "flash drive" in a headline - which is pretty obvious at this point. But what it can do is pretty unique, once you wrap your head around it.

Infinitec has created a USB stick that contains an 802.11n module capable of creating an ad hoc network through any device's USB port. But on the receiving end, it appears as nothing more complicated than a flash drive.

In other words, you can stream media to devices that aren't necessarily so thrilled with you streaming media. Placed in a DVD player, for instance, you need not worry about the player's supported network standards or your PC's sharing settings. Just set the Infinitec stick to anywhere from 1GB to 1TB+ (depending on how much storage you expect your player to support), then load MPEG4s right from the stick... streamed from your PC loaded with accompanying software.

I could see several uses for Infinitec's little device - namely, adding a media extender to any room that has a TV with a USB port. That is, if the price is right whenever it eventually comes out. [Engadget]

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