In The Future, 1TB SSDs Will Be The Size Of A Postage Stamp

Anyone familiar with Moore's Law will know that over the years, storage has got bigger and cheaper. But the possibility of a 1TB SSD being the size of a postage stamp? Sounds impossible, but not to those crafty Japanese scientists.

A bunch of researchers from various Japanese universities and organisations have banded together to work on bringing the size of SSDs right down, with the energy efficiency right up - with them hopeful they can produce enough so they can go on sale in 2012. They've already got one prototype created from 128 NAND flash chips and a controller chip, which you can see above, with the drive apparently transferring data at 2GB per second. Seriously, this is the stuff from my dreams - an SSD that can fit in my wallet? Amazing. [Nikkei via CrunchGear]

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