Ikea Lamp Used To Make Slide Projector To Bore Friends With

Don't try and hide that Leksvik table from me, I can recognise Swedish wood from a hundred miles away. We all own Ikea furniture, it's as certain as death and taxes. But not everyone makes a projector from a lamp.

Instructables member Derte84 cobbled together his projector using just the Isbrytare lamp from Ikea, tape and a couple of photo slides. Very simple, as you can tell. This particular model of lamp has a lens, which is necessary to make the image beam onto a wall, and is what Derte84 attached the photo slide to - though not too close to the light, as otherwise it'd burn.

Then, you can bore friends and family to death with holiday photos the old fashioned way - in Sweden, at least. [Instructables]

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