HTC Scorpion Foretells Bloody Smartphone Spec Wars

Today - and to us - the HTC Scorpion exists but for a couple of lines of code in a purported leaked Android build. But one day, this 1.5GHz, Android 2.2 handset could be the phone that makes your Nexus One look old.

AndroidSpin's got an alleged build script for an Android 2.2 build - that's FRE65C, or Froyo, in case you were wondering - with an ARM Cortex processor clocked at 1.5GHz, to the Nexus One's 1Ghz. As with desktop and laptop processors, frequency is far from the be-all, end-all indicator of performance, but still - that's 150 per cent of the Snapdragon that's in today's top-end phones. Update: Oh! And evidently, there are traces of WiMax in here.

Combined with the rumoured specs of the first wave of Windows Mobile 7 phones, this leak points to a serious mobile phone spec war brewing on the horizon, the likes of which we haven't seen since consumers stopped lusting over Windows Mobile 6.x handsets. And this time around, with software capable of actually using whatever ridiculous hardware companies like HTC come up with, the fight could be spectacular. [AndroidSpin via BGR]

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