HTC Incredible Photos Leaked, Reveal Incredibly Brown Back Plate

The HTC Incredible, a leaked mobile phone code name that first made the rounds back in December, is the real deal, as seen in these sneak peak pics from Pocket Now. Can you say brown?

Very original Zune colouring, no? Lots of contours and wacky shapes going on in the rear too.

There are some specs to go along with the leak, those being an Android 2.1 OS with HTC Sense, running on a Snapdragon CPU. A rumoured 256MB of RAM accompanies a roughly 3.5-3.7-inch WVGA screen (possibly AMOLED? That's unconfirmed).

Dual LED flashes adorn the brownish backplate, and an optical mouse pointer resides on the bottom. Thoughts? [Pocket Now]

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