Home Theatre Under The Stairs Makes Perfect Sense

There's nothing fancy about this idea for a home theatre, but it's a very clever way to save space in a small house, using the dead space under the stairs to store a ton of tech gear.

The setup was built by Jason Swell, who thought that this was the best way to place his 50-inch Samsung HLR5078W DLP projection television, along with a Dual-Core Mac Mini, Series 2 Tivo and Comcast HD STB. And rightly so, because it not only saves space, but places the screen at a good distance to watch from the sofas.

The stair hides even more high tech stuff behind that screen: A 1TB hard-drive array, an audio amplifier, the 30Mb/s FIOS connection, an EyeTV 500 HD tuner and a UPS unit. In fact, he uses five tuners and he is able to record three shows concurrently while watching a fourth. [Flickr via Unplggd]

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