HexBug Nano Newtons Capture The Essence Of Real Insects

If your children are a bit too at ease with insects, fingering worms or putting ladybugs into their tiny chocolate-ringed mouths as they are wont to do, introduce your little ones to bugs' terrifying, too-fast-to-keep-track-of nature with HexBug Nano Newtons.

We're not unfamiliar with HexBug's line of robotic creepy crawlies, including crabs, ants, worms and more - but the new Nano Newton might be the creepiest of the bunch. Whereas the other ones are big enough in size that they are discernible as harmless plastic imitations of the real thing, the Newtons are so tiny that at first glance they could just as well be radioactive cockroaches. And they acts like it.

The Nano Newtons doesn't so much move as they freak the fuck out, skidding around on their miniature rubber feet and bumping into things like real cockroaches would - if you gave them each a human-sized cup of coffee. They can even flip themselves over if they end up on their backs. Here is a whole intrusion of the Newtons:

See?! Icky.

Nano Newtons are available to teach your kids the important, lifelong lesson of insect-fear at Toys R Us or HexBug's website for $US9.99, along with special collectors cases and modular habitats if you really grow fond of your microbots. [HexBug]

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