Here Comes The Google Apps Store

The WSJ says Google’s launching an online store to sell software add-ons and bonus powers for Google Apps written by third-party developers – like more, um, secureness and other enterprise features – which Google’s announcing in March.

At the beginning, it’ll be just enterprise stuff that are add-ons for Gmail and Docs, etc, sold through a now conventional setup: Users buy the apps, written by other developers, through Google’s store, and Google takes a cut. To be clear, it’s a move intended to bulk up its assault on Microsoft Office with more features and capabilities, more than anything else. (Is extensive modularity and add-ons, which introduce more potential points of failure what businesses really want in their enterprise apps? Hmm.) But don’t worry, Google wants to keep giving you, the normal person, their software for free, to make money on advertising. So click click click away. Google won’t be selling you apps anytime soon. Probably, anyway. [WSJ]