Guppie Multi-Tool Fixes Or Kills Everything

I like my Swiss knife, but I like the Guppie better. Any multi-tool that makes me look like a Real Man, ready to go back to the Jurassic and kill a dinosaur, is a winner.

Made by Columbia River Knife & Tools, the Guppie includes an adjustable wrench, screwdriver with multiple magnetic heads, menacing knife, LED torch and a beer bottle opener - it can open other bottles and jars, but I am a Real Man. According to designers Launce Barber and Tom Stokes, the design is made so everything is ready to use in the shorter time possible, right out of the pocket.

For absolute Real Man effect, hang it from your belt using the built-in carabiner, and allow your butt crack to show a bit over your pants.[ReadWriteWeb]

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