Google Launches Labs For Google Maps

Over the weekend, Google launched Labs for Google Maps, allowing users to trial experimental features when browsing maps. Best of all, it's all come out of Google's Sydney office.

Among the experimental features (which can be accessed by clicking the Labs icon on the top right of the Google Maps screen) are:

* Turn your map upside down, or indeed, rotate it to any angle * See the lat/long of any pin or point on the map * Zoom in by dragging a rectangle over the part of the map you want to zoom in on * Browse the map with a new "What's around here" button * See cool aerial imagery for some parts of the world

Aside from the zoom by dragging, I don't think too many of these are really much use to most people. Still, it'll be interesting to see what the company cooks up over the next few months...

[Google AU Blog]

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