Google CEO's Mistress' Tell-All Blog: Prototype iPhones, Steve "Stoned Jesuit" Jobs

There are reports of Google CEO Eric Schmidt forcing his mistress to take down her naughty tell-all blog. Whether that's the reason for its disappearance or not, we're glad that our Gawker friends preserved some of the amusing details.

Former Forbes journalist Kate Bohner is supposedly the gal behind the now-deleted "Recovery Girl 007" blog. As the former mistress of married Google CEO Eric "Dr Strangelove" Schmidt she had quite some stories to tell and you can read them over at Gawker. The best thing on it though is a commentary about a prototype iPhone and Steve "Stephen" Jobs:

I haven't thought about Dr. Strangelove in such a long time-I try to sweep all of that data completely under the Persian carpet. That's a lie. I think about him every so often in these fleeting cinematic flashes...I have completely stopped sleeping. My friend Jason is so worried about it that he confiscates my Blackberry... I've been sleeping with my Blackberry just in case Strangelove might send an e-mail. If I was really smart I ditch the Blackberry for the iPhone he gave me – the prototype version. But I have yet to arrive. Stephen Jobs is not St. Stephen. He's just a stoned Jesuit priest lost in his garden. Strangelove still has his stranglehold on me and nothing is new under the sun.

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