Going On 10 Years Old, Boy Going For Fifth Microsoft Certification

Say Hi to Markos Calasan. He's nine years old and lives in Macedonia. He's also a Microsoft Certified four times over.

This is the type of story that warms your heart but also makes you feel a little bad about yourself. Why? Because still in his single digits, Markos is more computer literate than many of us will ever be. Here he describes his first memories of using a computer:

But my first memory is from when I was approximately 3 years old when I was making simple actions like personalizing Windows, then installing Windows, making remote desktop connections with workstations and servers on remote locations, and so on.

As someone who still struggles to get remote desktop working, that hurts. But still, good for the little guy, who has earned four certificates - MCP, MCDST, MCSA and MCSE - and is going for his fifth to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer. When asked about his plans for the next 10 years, Calasan said he hoped to write Windows 7 instructional books for users of all levels.

When asked if he preferred Windows or OSX, Calasan held back from indulging his literal inner fanboy, explaining, "For everyone, the choice is different, so for me I use Windows because I am satisfied with its security, stability, scalability, productivity and many other good advantages of the Microsoft Windows operating system."

That diplomatic answer in response to the enduring, embattled operating system debate, might be an even more impressive display of precociousness than his certifications. [Network World]

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