Fresh iPhone/iPad SDK Seeded To Developers

iPhone SDK 3.2, which includes a full suite of iPad dev tools, has been updated to Beta 2. Bugs. Have. Been. Squashed:

▪ FIXED: Changing an iPhone Executable's working directory from "Build Products directory" may cause the application not to install properly with the error message "The Info.plist for application at (null) specifies a CFBundleExecutable of (null), which does not exist."

▪ FIXED: In iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 1, Xcode's Transition feature did not work correctly if the SDK was installed in a location other than /Developer. In beta 2, the feature will work properly with the SDK installed in any location on your system.

▪ FIXED: In iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 1, some users saw the message "A signed resource has been added, modified or deleted…" when rebuilding their projects. This has been fixed for beta 2.

We're also getting reports that there was some kind of testing bug with apps created in SDK 3.2 and running on iPhone 3.1.3, which SDK 3.2 Beta 2 fixes. So, minor stuff.

And because we've been getting this question a lot, there is a reason developers haven't been showing off iPad apps in the SDK's iPad simulator: they're not allowed to. As with previous versions of the iPhone SDK, developers enter into an NDA with Apple, which explicitly prohibits them from showing off iPad apps, or at least major aspects of the SDK, simulator and development tools, to the public. Anyone who shows us anything more than renders of their iPad apps is asking to get blackballed. The more you know!

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