Fashion Show Goers Bought Clothes Straight From The Runway

Ultra-trendy fashion designer Henry Holland held his London Fashion Week show on Saturday, where the BlackBerry-using front row sitters could buy the clothes straight from the catwalk using the House of Holland app.

It's the first time a fashion designer's allowed their clothes to be purchased from an app during a show, with the slogan t-shirts painted with internet acronyms like FFS, CTFO and HML. Don't ask me to explain what they mean, otherwise I'll tell you to KMT.

Here's me attempting to blend some knowledge of fashion with slightly more knowledge of tech: maybe "next season" Henry Holland will be offering an augmented reality app where the camera will recognise each "piece" and let you purchase them on the spot with your credit card, using the inevitable Square BlackBerry peripheral?

The app is a free download, and available now, where you can still buy the (overpriced) t-shirts for £55/$US85. [House of Holland BlackBerry App]

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