Facebook Eyes Webmail With Project Titan

TechCrunch reports that Facebook is working on a full webmail system to replace their current messaging platform, including full POP and IMAP support and a customised @facebook.com email address. The codename for the new system: Project Titan.

In the TechCrunch post, Arrington suggests that Facebook has been working towards a webmail service for some time, expanding their messaging platform to be searchable and allowing Facebook users to send messages directly to non-Facebook email addresses. The site has also shown interest in giving its users a more accessible and more complete online identity with the recent implementation of personalised URLs and the proliferation of Facebook Connect log-in on third party sites.

Project Titan would take this effort a step further, giving users a personalised [email protected] email address and letting them access it on Facebook itself or independently via POP and IMAP. Facebook already has 175 million people logging into their site each day, but adding a true webmail solution would be a strong step in their transformation from a centralised communications hub to a broader platform for staying connected online. [Tech Crunch]

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