Every PlayStation 3 Now Has 70MB More RAM During Gameplay

When the PS3 launched, 120MB of its 512MB of RAM were dedicated at all times to the OS. (To put that footprint in perspective, the Xbox 360's OS only used 32MB.) Luckily, Sony has refined their system.

Over the course of several updates, the PS3's OS now demands just 50MB - including the in-game XMB upgrade - meaning that an additional 70MB of RAM is available for game developers to use as they see fit.

No, that's not enough extra oomph to revolutionise the PS3 as a brand new console, but it's likely we'll see a slightly nicer lighting effect (or an equivalent) some time because of it. [PlayStation University and Joystiq]


    Thats great does that mean PS3 will allow 3rd party apps (who doesn't want Skype or a decent media playing running on their TV) or allowing basic multitasking ?

    I'd really like to be able to open the browser at the same time as playing a game or Play TV (only becuse FreeViews television guide is rubish and i'm contstantly having to look things up) running to look stuff up. Why isn't this still not possible on such a 'technologicaly advanced powerhouse' of an entertainment system ?

    This happened several SDK's ago, and I'm sure many games released have used up this extra 70mb by now. So no, things are as good as they'll get already. You will not see any improvements in games released within the last 6 months or so.

    For such a technological powerhouse i still saw slowdown a few times while playing borderlands, and a console should not do that.

    it runs fine on my pc!

    Consoles - pfft.

    It is likely that the only reason Borderlands experienced a slowdown on the PS3 is that the game is a port, and was not designed specifically for the PS3. Game ports for the PS3 are not optimised to take advantage of the processing power of the Cell chip which crunches just about every Intel chip out there - still.
    Take a look at Uncharted 2 and you will see the power of this console unleashed as it is the first game specifically designed for the PS3 that takes full advantage of its power - no slowdowns there. Most programmers porting their games to the PS3 are too lazy to properly optimise their code for the Cell processor.

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