Epson Launches Interactive Short Throw Projector

This isn't the type of projector you'd watch Star Trek on Blu-ray, or play a spot of Bioshock 2 on. This is a tool for businesses and schools, and is actually kind of awesome - it mounts pretty much on the same wall you want to project onto, and lets you interact with the image without the need for a special screen.

The projector comes with a special infrared pen that allows interaction on the projected image, as well as using standard keyboard and mouse inputs, essentially allowing you to turn your wall into a giant tablet. The fact that it sits on the wall it's projecting onto means there's no real way for you to block the image with your shadow, while the projector can happily manage a 80-inch 16:10 image at WXGA resolution. It's got built in Wi-fi and has a 2,500 lumens brightness rating.

No idea on pricing, but online reports have it down for less than $US2000. It's got an RRP of $3,999 with the wall mount, with replacement globes costing $199.


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