enTourage eDGe Dualbook On Sale Next Month

The half ereader/half netbook from enTourage eDGe was one of the best gadgets CES threw up in my opinion. While the sale date has been pushed back by a month to March, some more details have been drip-fed to us.

In an interview with ereader-info, enTourage's President and CEO Asghar Mostafa detailed when the two different displays could be used together:

* Drag the stylus across grayscale images on the E-Ink screen to view them in colour on the LCD screen

* Attach Web pages, notes and video on the WiFi-enabled LCD screen to passages in an e-book

* Export PDF notes or revised documents (such as contracts that are marked up on the E-Ink side) so that they can be emailed to colleagues

* Open hyperlinks or view video embedded in an e-textbook on the netbook side

Tackling the omnipresent iPad issue, Mostafa fingered the larger e-ink screen that "offers a comfortable reading experience", and because of the LCD screen it makes it "simple to mark-up documents and books with the stylus to save notes or export to colleagues".

At $US490 though, it'll be going head on with the iPad, so enTourage has got a tough ride convincing people to go for a chunky, clunky, plastic device rather than a sleek iPad. During my hands-on at CES I felt it was the build quality which was the only downside to it, but there's enough features and capabilities tucked within that it should do well. I want it to do welI, anyway - I fell in love with it last month and have the slightly zany device's best interests at heart. [e-reader-info]

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