Diving Kingfisher Shows What Nature Photography Is All About

I stumbled across an amazing photo of a kingfisher diving for its dinner, taken by photographer Adrian Groves with a Canon 40D camera. Though I can no longer show you here due to copyright issues...

Groves set up a tank of minnows as bait, camouflaged with some netting, and then hid out, waiting for the kingfisher to appear. When it finally did, the Canon 40D (with a 70-200f2.8L IS lens, set at f/8, 1/1000 seconds) managed to shoot the kingfisher diving for a feed. I can't stop looking at it - the orange feathers make it look like it's on fire.

Now I want a 40D. And a pet kingfisher. [TrekNature via Telegraph]

UPDATE: Images had to be removed due to copyright issues, but you can click over here if you want to see them all.

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