Denny's Invites You To Follow A Random Named Dennys On Twitter

You gotta love companies trying to figure out this whole "social networking" thing. Take Denny's, for example. Their menus invite you to follow @dennys on Twitter. They do not run @dennys.

Instead, a dude from Taiwan named Dennys Hsieh owns it. And these menus have been this way for months.

A Denny's rep says the menus are a result of a misprint, and that they run two Twitter accounts: @DennysAllNightr for late night customers and @DennysGrandSlam for morning people. Both of those are featured on the respective late night and breakfast menus. The normal menus, however, still point you to Mr Hsieh.

It's all pretty troubling, at least to me. I mean, if I can't get Moon Over My Hammy updates via Twitter, what the hell is the point of Twitter? Come on, Denny's! [CNET]

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