Dance Away Your Paternity Anxieties With DIY "Billie Jean" Shoes

If you have a pair of hard-soled shoes, two pressure-sensitive LED tiles, and some baby mama drama from which you need to extricate yourself, let this Instructable be your guide and recreate the special-FX steps from Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean".

Admittedly, I'm not sure how easy it would be to do any sort of dancing with a gigantic LED tile attached to each foot. But when you're standing still, and being viewed from the knee down, you will be the spitting image of the King of Pop.

The Instructable covers all the bases, from assembling the light-up squares to spray-painting the shoes just so. Be forewarned, though, these imitation shoes will make you just as irresistible to women as Jackson was (circa 1983):

You will get a lot of attention from people, people will dance around you on the dance floor, and you will feel a bit shallow, but you love it!

The best chat up line possible is to ask someone to join you on your dance floor so they stand/dance on your tiles, which puts them basically on top of you. Enjoy! Do not use these shoes for evil!

So there it is, plain and simple: don't go around breaking young girls' hearts. [Instructables]

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